Recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2016 Certificate of Excellence

Mutekiya received the award for the top ranking restaurant in Toshima-ku (the Tokyo Metropolitan Area) from the Restaurant Excellence Certification Division of TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website. We received a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor’s 5 point rating system where at least an average of more than 4 points is required to be acknowledged. The standard for the selection is based upon a restaurant’s popularity ranking and the number of reviews.

We are extremely honored to have received high ratings from the customers who have visited Mutekiya. We humbly ask that your continued patronage to our restaurant.

The Staff of Mutekiya

“Mutekiya” was founded by and is the registered trademark of Ikebukuro Mutekiya.
Mutekiya in Shinjuku used to be a franchise, but is no longer related to us.
Please be advised that our ingredients, tastes, menus and services are all different.

Mutekiya was originally established under the shop name of Kanto Ramen in Ikeburo (The Tokyo Metropolitan Area) in 1994. In 1998, it was renamed Mutekiya, the name that it uses to this very day.

As a popular shop that has endless lines of customers, up to now, our shop has made an effort to create food that has exquisite flavors, without making any exceptions. This effort is reflected the process we take from selecting the ingredients for our food to point where we make our ramen.

I am extremely happy that in recent years our shop has become highly praised by customers from overseas as well.

Our entire staff will continue to improve their sensibilities (in terms of food) and hone their tongues with the same passion included in the name of our shop so that our shop will continued to be loved by our customers long into the future as well.

We recommend Mutekiya’s dishes to customers visiting us for the first time.

無敵家らーめん ニクタマ 1,100円(税込み Including Tax)MUTEKIYA RAMEN NIKUTAMA

This is the most popular ramen noodles in Mutekiya that includes soft, thick-sliced roast pork and a soft-boiled egg that is preserved in soup.


本トロ特丸麺 1,030円(税込み Including Tax)HONTORO TOKUMARUMEN

This is the richest soup in Mutekiya that uses pork born and pork meat as ingredients. It is extremely popular with youth.


本丸麺 850円(税込み Including Tax)HONMARUMEN

Popular ramen especially to Japanese people with mild flavor and much collagen inside.


ちゃーしゅー麺 1,150円(税込み Including Tax)TYASYU MEN

Enjoy your fill of Mutekiya’s sliced roast pork, the specialty of the house.


カニみそ味麺 870円(税込み Including Tax)KANIMISOAJIMEN

Brown-crab paste-flavored Ramen with our pork and chicken soup and brown crab paste.


旨辛麺 880円(税込み Including Tax)UMAKARAMEN

The soup is has a strong and delicious flavor, with just the right amount of spiciness.


ベジ辛麺 1,100円(税込み Including Tax)BEJIKARA-MEN

We offer you five kinds of delicious stir-fried vegetable dishes with rich spicy flavors!


麻婆まぜそば 980円(税込み Including Tax)MABO MAZESOBA

This is a recommended dish with a lot of spicy but tasty mabo tofu and stir-fried vegetables.


げんこつ麺 750円(税込み Including Tax)GENKOTSUMEN

Basic ramen. Add any toppings you like from the last page on the menu to make your own ramen.


ぶっかけまぜそば 900円(税込み Including Tax)BUKKAMEMAZESOBA

Enjoy no-soup noodles! Pour the sauce over all, and mingle noodles and ingredients together before eating them.


特つけ麺 1,050円(税込み Including Tax)TOKUTSUKEMEN

Soy sauce based sauce with rich flavor of meat


特辛つけ麺 1,080円(税込み Including Tax)TOKUKARA TSUKEMEN

Soy sauce based sauce made of rich soup of moderate spiciness


Muteki-ya is making ramen soup by using a large amount of quality pork bone, carefully removing harshness, boiling down for long time, and filtering twice with an ultra-fine mesh strainer after emulsification without sparing time and effort.
That’s why our soup becomes clear and tasty.With its sophisticated sweetness and flavor distinctive to the freshly cooked tonkoku (pork) without smell of meat, people love its characteristic pure and light but rich flavor.

The soup is made on site over the course of 16 hours, three times a day, and is always freshly made, making it a sweet smelling and absolutely delicious soup.

Mutekika doesn't use any factory made soup concentrates or extracts.
his is a homemade soup of 100% natural materials.

This store is the founding registered trademark store of MUTEKIYA. Please be aware that we have no relation with MUTEKIYA stores in Shinjuku, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan or other locations.

ねぎチャーシュー丼 310円(税込み Including Tax)NEGITYASYU DON

Roast pork and green onion are topped on a bowl of rice.


辛子明太子岩のり丼 310円(税込み Including Tax)KARASHIMENTAIKO IWANORI DON

Mix iwanori (rock laver) and rice together before you eat.


麻婆丼 310円(税込み Including Tax)MABO DON

On the rice we put a topping made of spicy mabo doufu.


餃子 420円(税込み Including Tax)GYOUZA

We wrap vegetables and pork minces with sticky dough and bake it. It is juicy and delicious.


ライス 並盛り:¥200(税込み Including Tax)RICE

We use the most delicious brand rice of Japan. (250g)

ライス 半盛り:¥150(税込み Including Tax)RICE

A small amount of cooked rice. (150g)

ビール:¥590(税込み Including Tax)BEER

Asahi Super Dry (500ml)



A half-boiled egg soaked in broth.



We serve softly boiled pork, scorching it with a burner.



This is sauteed with cabbage and bean sprouts in light seasoning.



This is sliced deep-fried garlic.



We wash only slit white part of the long green onion with cold water.



This is long green onion that is directly transported from Kyoto every day.



This is bamboo shoot that is boiled with broth softly.



We harvest nanohana (or field mustard) before blooming and boil it, and then we serve soft top part of it.



This is sun-dried seaweed that stuck on rocks on the shore.



This is sun-dried seaweed that stuck on the net hung in the sea.